Posted by: Travis J. | November 19, 2012

I got all these books on my bookshelves.

I got all these books on my bookshelves. My new year resolution is going to be to read one a month. I also plan on writing more. Besides facebook and twitter.

Posted by: Travis J. | November 19, 2012

Can’t believe it has been almost a year

Can’t believe it has been almost a year seance I last updated..

Posted by: Travis J. | January 30, 2012

What is this?

We’re back in the hospital again. Crystal got flu-like symptoms on Thursday. A rash appeared on Friday. She was proscribed an antibiotic that help the fever but did nothing about the rash. Saturday we went to an urgent care clinic which referred us to the ER. The ER we like is not in the hospital her doctor will go to. So Crystal took an ambulance ride to the other hospital. The doctors can’t agree if it’s a rash or infection. So she’s staying till they can agree.

-Travis J.

Posted by: Travis J. | August 4, 2011

Our New Home.

-Travis J.

Posted by: Travis J. | July 17, 2011

New member of the family.

Got Leia a sister.

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She is a Bullmastiff x Black Lab. She is only 7wks old.

Till next time.
Travis J.

Posted by: Travis J. | January 30, 2011

Double Tripple

For my birthday we went out for steak and then to a Lincoln Stars game.

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-Travis J.

Posted by: Travis J. | January 5, 2011

Holidays 2010

The Christmas holiday was good. I got a new thermometer for when I grill. It’s digital and wireless, won’t have to guess when the ribs are done. I also got a video camera. Crystal got a new digital camera. Below are some pics and a vid we took over Christmas and New Year.

Till next time,

Travis J.

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Posted by: Travis J. | October 4, 2010

Sarah’s Funeral

We went to a Memorial Walk today for Sarah,  our daughter we lost in April. Afterward we went to Grandma Dora’s grave site as well. The rest of the night we took it easy. Short trip to Wal-Mart and some Chinese takeout. Checkout Crystal’s new doo


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Posted by: Travis J. | September 19, 2010

Almost forgot to post this one.

I made this back on September 9. So without further ado………..Press play already.

Posted by: Travis J. | September 1, 2010

Went to the infectious disease Dr. today.

Because of the MRSA we had a checkup with an Infectious Disease Dr. today. I like him, he’s funny. He said he hopes we never have to see him again. Crystal goes in for the second round of Chemo on Thursday.

In other news We are getting a Dog on Wednesday. I’ll post a video post on Thursday so you all can see her. Her name is Leia.  If you haven’t yet Played Plants Vs Zombies, you should. That game is addictive.

Till next time…

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