Posted by: Travis J. | April 21, 2010

Our trip to Branson 2010

Crystal and I went to Branson for the weekend. We stayed at the Carriage House Inn. Very nice motel.

Thursday night we played a round of mini-golf at Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Canyon. We also went to the Hollywood Wax Museum and Castle of Chaos. Castle of Choas had a mirror maze and a “5d” ride. It was a 3d movie where the seated area spun around and blood[water] squirted at you. The seats even moved. They gave you a pistol to defend yourself. So fun we did it twice. We had dinner at Lambert’s Cafe, where they thru rolls at us. That night we went and saw Kirby Vanburch. He’s a magician. Very good show.

Friday we checked out  went to Talking Rocks Cave and Twice Adopted. We saw Wild Ocean at the Imax, then ate dinner at McFarlain’s. I tried Fried Green Tomatoes. Didn’t really care for them.

Later that night we went to Cakes and Creams Ice Cream Parlor. Only in Branson could you see Johnny Cash giving performance advice to Young Elvis, while eating an ice cream sundae.

Saturday we toured Branson and Table Rock Lake on a Duck. Afterward we saw Buckets N’  Boards, it one of the bests shows Ive seen. It’s a comedy percussion show. They drummed a propane tank. Awesome show. We came home Saturday evening.

It was a great weekend. One we both needed. All the shows were great family entertainment. I will post pictures later.


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