Posted by: Travis J. | June 28, 2010

Our talk with the fertility Dr. and trip to Kanas City

The fertility Dr. said it would be very dangerous. The type of cancer Crystal has feeds off Estrogen. To do IVF the Dr would have to raise Crystal’s estrogen level ten times what it is naturally, twice. We also think this is why her cancer grew during the pregnancy.   Right now we’re praying about it and putting it in God’s hands.

After we saw the Dr. we decided to visit Big K-Mart. Which was right off the interstate. For some reason our GPS wanted us to drive through the middle of Kansas City to get us home after Big K instead of putting us on the interstate hi-way, the way we got to Big K. So the drive home took an hour longer than planed. I think its time to do some firmware and map updates to our GPS unit. Maybe I’ll even splurge and get a celebrity voice.

Till next time…


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