Posted by: Travis J. | August 22, 2010

Pneumonia without the symptoms…???

The night of my video post Crystal went to the ER with a 102 temp. It is now Saturday and we are still here. The Docs say maybe Monday we can go home. They did a chest x-ray and it showed that she has Pneumonia, with no other symptoms. They did a CT of her chest and lungs. The CT won’t be reviewed nor will the blood work be back till Monday.

I went in Friday for a root canal. My tooth and jaw are sore and now having shooting pains every now and then. The Dentist did give me some Hydrocodone. I’m going back in Monday morning see if they can relieve the pressure.

I wanna do another vlog. What do you think?

btw if you don’t see your comments right away. It’s because I have to approve all comments, just trying to keep out the spammer-riff-raff. Also it is FREE to comment

-Travis J.



  1. My pneumonia started with just a fever & no other symptoms – they came later! I am glad that tomorrow is Monday & she can have her lung doctor come for a visit! Take care of our girl. Love you both.

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