Posted by: Travis J. | August 27, 2010

Out and about…

Crystal got out of the hospital on Tuesday. Because of her hospital stay they pushed her second round of chemo back a week. Thinking of doing another vlog post. I haven’t got any feedback about the first one yet.

Travis J.

Posted by: Travis J. | August 23, 2010


Sunday Crystal’s labs came back positive for MRSA. Now the nurses say maybe Tuesday we can go home.


Posted by: Travis J. | August 22, 2010

Pneumonia without the symptoms…???

The night of my video post Crystal went to the ER with a 102 temp. It is now Saturday and we are still here. The Docs say maybe Monday we can go home. They did a chest x-ray and it showed that she has Pneumonia, with no other symptoms. They did a CT of her chest and lungs. The CT won’t be reviewed nor will the blood work be back till Monday.

I went in Friday for a root canal. My tooth and jaw are sore and now having shooting pains every now and then. The Dentist did give me some Hydrocodone. I’m going back in Monday morning see if they can relieve the pressure.

I wanna do another vlog. What do you think?

btw if you don’t see your comments right away. It’s because I have to approve all comments, just trying to keep out the spammer-riff-raff. Also it is FREE to comment

-Travis J.

Posted by: Travis J. | August 19, 2010

First Video Post

Here is my first attempt at a video blog post. Hope you like it. Visit my Youtube account for a bonus video message from Big Dogg. Do a Youtube search for Rooster01410

Posted by: Travis J. | July 30, 2010

We now have internet at home.

We got internet hooked up at out house. Thanks Internet Nebraska. Crystal starts Chemo on Thursday. We got a new pet Turtle named Maxine.  I found her in the parking lot at work. Our friend Liz tells us its a female painted turtle. I’ll try to get a picture of Maxine posted.

Now that we have Internet back I’m going to try to post more often. Hopefully more interesting stuff will happen to write about,  or I’m going to have to just talk about what I think is interesting, and hopefully not bore and/or drive off to many readers. For now that’s about it.

Till next time…

Posted by: Travis J. | June 28, 2010

Our talk with the fertility Dr. and trip to Kanas City

The fertility Dr. said it would be very dangerous. The type of cancer Crystal has feeds off Estrogen. To do IVF the Dr would have to raise Crystal’s estrogen level ten times what it is naturally, twice. We also think this is why her cancer grew during the pregnancy.   Right now we’re praying about it and putting it in God’s hands.

After we saw the Dr. we decided to visit Big K-Mart. Which was right off the interstate. For some reason our GPS wanted us to drive through the middle of Kansas City to get us home after Big K instead of putting us on the interstate hi-way, the way we got to Big K. So the drive home took an hour longer than planed. I think its time to do some firmware and map updates to our GPS unit. Maybe I’ll even splurge and get a celebrity voice.

Till next time…

Posted by: Travis J. | June 25, 2010

Dinner with Dad.

Crystal thought the consult was pointless. The Plastic surgeon. didn’t remove her tube. He just looked at her and said He and the cancer surgeon would have to have a consult before they could schudel  the follow-up surgery. He would call us. 

Dinner with Dad and Cheryl was very tasty. We ate at Tish’s. I had a Five Alarm Burger. Crystal had the Chicken Alfredo  Dad also had a Five Alarm Burger and Cheryl had the Montery Chicken. 

Till next time…

Posted by: Travis J. | June 24, 2010

A consult in Kansas

Today we have a followup with the plastic surgeon. Then tonight we’re going to have Fathers’ Day dinner with my dad in Council Bluffs. Then early tomorrow morning we’re off to a consult with a doctor in KC. Then back to Lincoln to pick up Micheal for the church mens’ camp-out. Till then…

Posted by: Travis J. | June 16, 2010

Let the recovery begin

The hospital let us go early Tuesday evening. Crystal is doing the first week of recovery at my mother’s house. If you want to visit call and we can give you directions. It is the same house the wedding rehearsal dinner was.

Posted by: Travis J. | June 15, 2010

Crystal’s Cancer Surgery- Day 5

 It is Tuesday and we are still in the hospital. The pathology report hasn’t come back yet. They were gonna let us go monday, Crystal felt some pain in her chest so they wanted us to stay another day to make sure the pain was just from the surgery and not something worse.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow we can go home.

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